Tourist Places

Bhima Dunguri

Bhima Dunguri has been attributed with a special place in the tourism map of the Balangir district due to its…

Kumuda Pahad
Kumuda Pahad

Kumuda Pahad is a natural splendorous place of great tourism interest. As its name suggest, it is a hilly area…

Turekela Jungle

98kms away from Balangir, a place suitable for group adventurism Tureikela is important for viewing colorful wild life like tigers,…

Gaikhai M.I.P

30 kms away from balangir town, a place of great scenic beauty, Gaikhai is surrounded by green capped hills on…

Jogeswar Temple

Located 25km away from Balangir to the east Jogisarda is eminent for its Jogeswar Temple. It is believed that all…

Chandi mandir
Saintala Chandi Temple

38kms away from Balangir to the South, Saintala stands proudly for its shrine of Goddess Chandi in Mahisamardini form is…

64 Yoginis
Ranipur Jharial

104kms. away from Balangir town to the south west, stands on a rocky hill, the shrine of presiding deity of…

Patneswari Temple

Situated 40kms. away from Balangir to the west Patnagarh, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Patna stands proudly with…

Hari shankar

Amidst picturesque landscape on the southern slope of Gandhamardan hills stands Harishankar, a place of pilgrimage with uncommon scenic charms….