Culture & Heritage

Culture & Heritage

Balangir District is named after its headquarter town Balangir. The district was formed on first of January 1948, Where in erstwhile feudatory state of Patna And Sonepur were merged. In 1993 owing to reformation of districts, sonepur was separated from Balangir district and formed a new district named Subarnapur.

Eminent shrines of Gods and Goddesses

Apart from Someswar Siva temple , Indralat temple, 64 Yoginis placed in a circular base at Ranipur Jharial in Bangomunda Block , architectural excellence and religious cult in the ancient days of the district has left indelible marks till date in Chandimandir of Saintala, Someswar and Pataneswari Temple of Patnagarh, Harishankar temple at Harishankar, with the temple of Gods and Goddesses at Jogisarda, Kagaon, Surda, Khujenpali, Ranipali and at many other places.

Fairs and Festivals

Sivaratri and Sitalsasthi of Titilagarh, Ratha Yatra at Places like Balangir, Mursing, Patnagarh, Narasingha Chaturdashi, at Harishanker, Patakhanda yatra at Jarasingha, Kundadeo Yatra of Loisingha, Bael Yatra of Patnagarh, Sulia yatra of Khairguda, Barapurgia and Mirdhapali, Dhanuyatra of Bhaler, Routmunda, Nagoan, Gajalaxmi puja at Agalpur, Chudapali, Dedarha, Ramlila of Jarasingha, Kagaon, Chikalbahal,Tamian, Adendugri will be no less to map the religious festivities of the district.

Apart from these Lokautsava is organized annually with pomp and ceremony at headquarter town of Balangir and in different Sub division and blocks and Patkhanda yatra of Jarasingha,Kumuda Mohatsava of Titilagarh,Jharial mohatsava of Bhainsa and Badmal utsav at Ordnance factory of Saintala and at many other places are keen to promote folk art and culture.

Bhimdunguri Mahostav in Deogan block, Kantabanji Lokautsav, Makar ustav of Kushang, All India Drama festivals organized by Bhumika, Koshli Natabadi organized by SITE cultural association, Lokakala utsav by Dulduli Kalaparishad and routine band activities of ZKSS and BKSS to uplift the folk art and culture need special mention.


Nuakhai is the most famous festival of this area. Apart from this Bhaijintia, Puojintia, puspuni, Laxmi puja etc are observed in the nook & corner of the district with great fanfare and enthusiasm.
The Muslim and Christian community also celebrate their festival in the similar way.

Folk dance Folk Music

The main folk dance and folk music by the district are Dalkhai, Rasarkeli, Mailajada, Nachnia, Bangri, khudka, Danda, Sanchar, Samprada, Ghumura, Dhap,Daka,Karma, Gourbadi,Kalngadanda, Krushnaguru, kirtan, Panchrasi, Panchabadya (Gandabaja),Jhanughanti ,Parsuram etc.

Sports & Games

In both the urban & rural area of the district Gudu, Chhor, Keli, Kasandi, Bati,Badighichani, Luklukani, kunikaanchi,Bagdi, Titi, Chilolai, Humo, Chhaka, & card are specially played.
Apart from this Foot-Ball, Cricket, Volley-Ball ,Badminton ,Khoko, Running Race ,Weightlifting , wrestling and skipping rope have also been played by the people with great interest and have earned fame to the district .


The women of the district wear the following ornaments in different parts of their body.

  • Ear: – Ganthian, Karnaful, Jhalka, Kanfasia, Kan noli, Sikla,Bentla etc.
  • Nose: – Dandi, Guna, pan patriguna, Nakputki, Gulaguna etc.
  • Head:- Chaurimudi, Kakri, Panpatri, Gara, Khirpini, Chepna etc.
  • Neck:- Gutamali, Jintia,Khagla, Panla, Charmali, Patrimali,Gajbandh, Chenmali etc.
  • Arm:- Tad, Baha suta.
  • Hand:- Rupachudi, Kanchachudi, Katria, Bandria, Kalari etc.
  • Foot:- Painri, Panjhal, Mudi, (Angtha, Jhuntia, Bichhua, Chutki,chingri jhupa)

District Library.

District Library was established under the management of Government of Odisha ,Odia Language , Literature and Culture Department in Balangir District since 1997.Now it is functioning at Sanskruti Bhawan of Koshal kalamandal campus having 26,200 nos of books of various languages. It is opened in office hour only for the readers.

Apart from this 23 nos of rural libraries are running by NGOS in different parts by the districts. The Libraries are getting books from Odia language, Literature and Culture department, Odisha, Sahitya Academy and Raja Rammohan Ray pathagar.

District Museum

Established since 1996 in Kalamandal Campus and managed under the control by district culture officer. It is opened in office hour for visitors.

District Council of Culture

Collector is the chairman of District council culture, Balangir. The district culture officer is the ex- officio secretary of the council. It has been constituted with some govt. officers and representative of leading cultural organization on members. The district representative by Odisha Sangeet Natak Academy in also a member of the council. Various Jayantis, State level festival and Literary function are being organized by the district council of culture. The Artists/cultural Tropes are also being Sponsored for State level Festival, District festival for their participation in cultural program.

Zilla kala Sanskruti Sangha

To identify various Art forms and Artists and to provide them proper training /platform Zilla Kala Sanskruti Sangha has been formed in district level and Block Kala Sanskruti Sangha at Block level. Collector is the president of ZKSS and the DCO is the Secretary .A senior artist of the district is nominated at Vice president with Govt notice and renounced artist as member of ZKSS. Similarly BDO is the President of BKSS and the concerned BSSO is acting as Secretary . A senior artist of block level is nominated as Vice president with members as other artist. Artist group are being selected from BKSS/ZKSS level to entrust them for batter implementation and awareness of Govt program among general public though various art forums. Scheme of Health, RWSS, SSA, Labor, Agriculture, Excise, Rural development, Supply, and ST&SC development department are being prepared by the artist group in different art form and perform in their own style with dance, music and song at public place. The artist are provided with direct and indirect benefit of the program .

Koshal Kala Mandal

The Historical Koshal kalamandal was established in the year 1940 by Sri Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo ,the Ruler of Patna state, with an aim for promotion of dance, music and sports. Now the Revenue Divisional Commissioner, Sambalpur is the Patron-in-chief of koshal kalamandal and a committee has been constituted under the chairman ship of the collector for its proper management. The district culture officer is the ex-officio, secretary and other Govt officers are acting as members. Senior artist and citizen has also been nominated by the chairmen and working as member of managing committee.
Dance, music and drama festivals are being organized through the year at both stages of koshal kalamandal for arrangement of general public.

Leading Cultural Institution

  • Pancham, Balangir
  • Nataraj kala parishad, Balangir
  • Swara Jhankar, Balangir
  • Kaliprasad Sarangi Loka Nrutya o Loka Sangeet Gabesana Kendra, Balangir
  • Tulsi Sangeet Natak Kala Parishad, Balangir
  • Ek Tara Kala Kendra, Titilagarh
  • Utkal kala Kendra, Titilagarh
  • Sarawati kala Parishad, Patnagarh
  • Satkuanri, Patnagarh
  • Ghunguru Kala parishad, Puintala
  • Dholmahuri Kala parishad, Puintala
  • Sursangeet, Loisingha
  • Sangeeet Sadhana, loisingha.

Premier literacy organization

  • Zilla lekhak parishad Balangir
  • Atma Prakashani , Balangir
  • Literacy and social club, Balangir
  • Sahitya Ghara, Balangir
  • Abasara binodana sahitya Samiti, Balangir
  • Rachana, Balangir
  • Sahitya Sanskruti, Titlagarh
  • Sanskruti Parishad, Patnagarh

Ladies Darama Group

  • Bhumika, Balangir
  • Saptaranga, Balangir
  • Natya Kranti, Balangir
  • SITE cultural Society, Sasdaipali