Law and Order of Balangir District


  • To keep track of all types of Civil Cases & Criminal Cases Filed by the People against Govt. at the District level, Collector is to appoint Govt. Lawer to defend cases within the jurisdiction of the Balangir District.
  • Keep a watch for proper defending of different cases filed in the different courts of the District as well as High Court and Supreme Court.


  • Law and Order situation in the District with the help of police.
  • Entering into the public complaints and its minimization.

Duties and responsibility

  • Appointment of Government advocates in different courts of the District payment of their fees and remuneration.
  • Grant License & NOC under the Petroleum Act. & its renewals.
  • Grant license under cinematography Acts, & its renewals.
  • Grant license under the Arms Act ad its renewals.
  • Grant license under the Explosive Act, and its renewals.
    Grant views of District Magistrates in certain cases for Sanction of prosecution against the offenders under the exclusion provisions of CrPc and the above noted Acts.
  • Maintain the Law & Order situation in the district in consultation of public authorities.
    Conduct of certain evidence in relation to public complains and also from in directions from the different courts/Lokpal/NHRC/OHRC/ Mahila Commission/State Commission of Information etc.
  • Implementation of different Act & Rules framed by the Central Government and State Government & fulfillment of the orders passed by the Supreme Court/ High court/ Lokpal/ NHC/OHRC/ Mahila Commission /State Commission of information etc.

Name of the Courts and Address


  • Court of the District & Sessions Judge, Balangir.
  • Court of the 1st AdditionalDistrict Judge, Balangir
  • Court of the 2ndAdditional District Judge, Balangir
  • Family Court , Balangir
  • Court of the ADJ-cum-Special Judge (Vigilance), Balangir.
  • Court of thePresiding Officer, SC/ST( PAO) Act
  • Court of the C.J.M., Balangir
  • Court of the Registrar, Civil Courts, Balangir
  • Court of theCivil Judge,(S.D.), Balangir
  • Court of the Addl. Civil Judge,(S.D.), Balangir
  • Court of the S.D.J.M, Balangir
  • Court of the JMSC,Balangir
  • Court of the Special Judicial Magistrate, Balangir
  • Court of Secretary,D.LS.A, Balangir
  • Court of the Chair Person Permanent Lok Adalat, Balangir


  • Court of the Additional District Judge, Titilagarh
  • Court of the Civil Judge,(S.D.),Titilatgarh
  • Court of the S.D.J.M. Titilagarh
  • Court of the J.M.F.C,Titilagarh


  • Court of the Additional District Judge, Patnagarh
  • Court of the Civil Judge(S.D), Patnagarh
  • Court of the S.D.J.M.Patnagarh


  • Court of the Additional District Judge, Kantabanji
  • Court of the Civil Judge(S.D) , Kantabanji
  • Court of the J.M.F.C .Kantabanji
  • Court of the Spl.Railway Magistrate


  • Court of the J.M.F.C., Loisingha


  • Court of the J.M.F.C., Saintala