Aims and objectives of the Organization:

Establishment Section:

Maintenance and adjustment of administrative set up.Recruitment. Disciplinary measures (Quasi Judicial-Access to information is limited in the interest of Administration). All types of personal monetary claims and salary of staff.

District Nizarat Section:

Smooth cash transaction of the District Office. Proper maintenance of Circuit House. Arrangement and smooth accommodation of the V.I.Ps and State Guests. Stock & Store of the articles of the office. Provision of forms and stationery and scale able village maps.

General and Misc. Section:

To assist the District Collector in District Administration.

District Touzi Section:

The District Touzi Section is one of the wing of Collectorate, Balangir, its aims is to watch the performances of the Tahsildars in collection of revenues.

B.C.P. Cell:

The Scheme boundary change proceedings (B.C.P. Cell) started as per Order No.4723/ LR&S dt.12.05.1997 Board of Revenue Odisha, Cuttack.
Its main aim is to bifurcate the hamlet villages from the original revenue villages an accordance with instruction of Revenue Deptt. In letter No.39114/R. dt.01.09.1994 and Guidelines of Board of Revenue, Odisha, Cuttack vide letter o.15706/ LR&S dt.16.12.1994.

District Record Room:

The Settlement Operation are being held from time to time and after completion of their operation all the documents and records are to be preserved in a separate section. Besides this there are 23nos. of Sections are functioning in Collectorate, Balangir. After completion of two years, the files, register and disposed off revenue Case records have been consigned by them are to be stored in a Section which called District Record Room.

Emergency Section: Disaster management

Dist. Emergency Section under Collectorate, Balangir is one of the sections of the Collectorate having prima facie importance. The functionaries and duties of this section include, collection of Daily situation report on Rainfall in the district from each Block, providing financial assistance to the poor people out of Red Cross fund and CMRF, processing for sanction of ex-gratia to beneficiaries of Drowning, Snakebite, Lightening, Fire accident, Sun stroke, Flood, Cyclone, Drought, Earth quake, Tsunami, hailstorm, Landslide, Cloud burst, Epidemic, Tornado, Boat capsize and other natural calamities, Collection of Red Cross fund from different sources, Management of OSDMA activities etc. The section is functioning with the help of one Assistant Collector, one Head Clerk, one Senior Clerk, Two Junior Clerks, one Data Entry Operator and one Peon

Judicial Section:

The Judicial Section deals with maintenance of Law and Order, appointment of law officers to defend in the cases on behalf of the State, Grant of Arm/ Explosive licenses to the needy and feasible persons, grant of Cinema/ Video Licenses, permissions to show opera/ circus etc.

Revenue Section:

Revenue Section is one of the key sections of office of the Collector and District Magistrate, Balangir that deals with all Revenue Matters. There is one officer, one Head Clerk, Two Senior Clerks, one Junior Clerk and one Data Entry Operator working in this Section. All correspondence regarding revenue case and records are managed in this section. This section vividly deals with various Revenue Laws, Rules and Guidelines. Monthly Review Meeting on revenue matters is arranged by this section. One Assistant Collector is dedicated towards the function of this section, who is assisted by One Head Clerk, Two Senior Clerks, One Junior Clerk, one Data Entry Operator and one Peon.